Top Quality Repair Service
Today's automobile is a complex piece of equipment demanding superior technical expertise. To ensure quality service, all of Peter B's technicians are ASE Certified. Our technicians participate in advanced training programs offered at the local colleges, professional organizations and those sponsored by automotive equipment manufacturers, to help us keep up with the ever changing technologies. Peter B's also maintains a large in house training facility and library with over 185,00 pages of automotive and specialty manuals.
High Quality Parts
At Peter B's, we use the finest parts for the specific job. Sometimes that means factory originals. In many other cases, equal or higher quality parts are available through other manufacturers such as Bosch for electrical and fuel injection parts, or NAPA for a variety of parts (we can access NAPA's parts computer through our own computers). NAPA lists over 200,000 parts. In all cases, Peter B's uses the finest parts available at the best price we can find for you!
Repair Facility and Equipment
Our facility was specifically designed to take advantage of today's advanced automotive repair technology. From the large overhead doors that can accommodate motor homes and large trucks to our vehicle lifts, our work spaces in every aspect, were designed with diagnostic and repair efficiency in mind.

Complimenting our facility is our computer diagnostic equipment, one such computer is the Mitchell On Demand which provides us with up-to-date technical information on all current vehicles. Complimenting our computer equipment is a vast library of auto specific repair manuals through the current year, instructional videos, and training room.

Another resource that we use here at Peter B's is the NAPATECH Telediagnosis, through AutoLine. AutoLine specialists can assist our technicians to access over 5,000 factory service manuals and technical specifications.

Minimizing Our Customer's Inconvenience
We know that your car plays a vital role and an intricate part in your daily life. Therefore, we try to minimize it's and your "down" time by taking the following steps:
  • We keep a well-stocked parts room for common repair needs. Over 15,000 parts on hand. For example: Spark Plugs, Constant Velocity Joints and Boots, Manufacturer's Specified Lubricants and Fluids, Filters, Headlamps, and Brake Shoes and Pads!
  • With our unique parts supplier network, we can order parts from anywhere in the United States and receive them as quickly as the next day if necessary.
  • Whenever possible, parts are ordered in advance to minimize your inconvenience of being without your automobile.
  • Our specialized computer system helps us track our in-house parts, outside parts availability, our customer's vehicles, repair records and scheduled maintenance intervals. With a few keystrokes, we know if, when and how much to provide you with a complete, accurate estimate in minutes.
  • At Peter B's, we believe that the better we run our operations, the better service we can provide you, our customer.
Communicating With Our Customers
From your initial phone call, until you pick up your car, we take the time to explain what is wrong and what repairs are needed. All the work that needs to be done is separated from the work that can wait or is nonessential. We can explain the options and make specific repair recommendations. We also explain all parts and labor charges, and if applicable, list the work that you should plan on having done at a later time.
Accurate Repair Assessment and Fair Pricing
Beyond the labor involved in any repair, there is the correct assessment of the problem, and the replacement of the appropriate part or parts. Every car has a multitude of items that could require work. The key is locating and repairing the deficiencies that will insure the safe and correct functional operation of your car. At Peter B's, we offer competitive labor rates, and more importantly, no "extra" replacements that artificially increase the cost of your repair bill.
Honesty, Integrity and Reliable Service
We built our reputation one customer at a time. Our primary source of advertisement is through word of mouth and our greatest spokespersons are you, our satisfied and loyal customers. We maintain these relationships through our honesty, integrity and reliable service.
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